For insurance and financial services companies to stay ahead of the game, connecting with consumers on a local level is key. Many consumers don’t have an intrinsic connection with a national brand logo, but they can create a tangible connection with a representative who lives in the same community.

And the data confirms it: an ad presented from a local representative's Facebook page performs up to 250 percent better than the same ad presented from the company’s corporate Facebook page.

Ads powered by the Denim platform are micro-targeted to consumers within a geofence around each representative's office location. Key to making this happen is setting up Users and Groups. 

Let's start with a couple of definitions, to acclimate you:

  • Users: the representatives of your company you would like to be able to advertise on behalf of through the Denim platform.

  • Groups: groupings of Users. Campaigns in the Denim platform are launched on behalf of Groups of Users, and Users can be members of several different groups. Each Group is given a unique name. Examples of how to start thinking about Groups: by regional or geography, by product launch, by production tier, by marketing strategy, and many others.

Understanding Users and Groups at high level is one thing, but it may leave you wondering: where do I start? How do I determine which of my representatives to offer the Denim platform to? How do other Denim customers do this?

Here are things you can start with: 

  • Start by limiting it only to representatives with a Facebook Business Page. This is a prerequisite.

  • Is there a particular line of business your organization wants to consider rolling Denim out to first?

  • Are there other systems you need the User to have access to in order to offer the platform (ex: marketing automation tools, specific website provider, specific CRM)? 

  • What production "tier" are they in and where would the implementation of the Denim platform make the most sense for your organization?

  • Where are we offering value-add marketing services already? Does the organization want to offer Denim as a part of an already existing package of services?

  • Is the producer in good standing with us?

  • Is there anything related to compliance you need to consider?

Determining which representatives to ultimately bring in to the Denim platform to be able to advertise on behalf tends to take the longest amount of time among the other onboarding steps, so we recommend organizations think about this key step very early in the process.

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