This article serves as the list of items to complete to successfully onboard new customers.

  1. Determine Users. Denim will aid the customer in determining which company representatives (Users) participate in the utilization of the Advertising tool. Ultimately, this leads to a completed .csv file containing a list of company representatives that would like to participate in the Advertising tool. Denim Social will use this .csv in a bulk upload to the customer's Denim Social Advertising account. Click here for more information on Users.

  2. Facebook Business Manager. After users are uploaded to the tool, Denim Social will request “Advertiser Access” to the Facebook Business Pages that were listed in the file. Simultaneously, Denim will create an Ad Account under Denim’s Facebook Business Manager, giving Admin Access to customer representatives who will supply a payment method for media costs associated with Facebook advertising. Click here for more information on Facebook Business Manager.

  3. Denim Social Advertising Admins. The customer will select a group of marketing professionals who they would like to have access to log in to their Denim platform account. These people who log in have the ability to create and launch campaigns, edit User records, create Audiences, create Groups, and view and share Insights. Denim will grant login access to the admins. Click here for more information on Denim Social Advertising Admins

  4. Create Groups of Users to Advertise on behalf of. Denim provides guidance on Groups in the Denim platform and explains how to place Users into User Groups. Click here for more information on Users & Groups.

  5. Upload Creative Assets. The customer uploads images and videos selected to be used in the ads created in the Denim platform. Images and videos are uploaded using Denim Social's Media product. Click here for more information on creative assets.

  6. Audiences. Denim Social offers guidance on best practices for creating Audiences based on the desired outcomes. Click here for more information on Audiences.

  7. Campaigns. Denim Social provides guidance during the process of creating and launching the customer’s first campaign. Click here for more information on Campaigns.

  8. Insights. Denim provides documentation surrounding the viewing and sharing of performance metrics surrounding campaigns (found in the Insights module) Click here for more information on Insights.

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