Users in the Denim Social platform are the representatives of your company you would like to be able to advertise on behalf of. All Users in the Denim Social platform are required to have a Facebook Business Page in order for Denim Social to be able to power ads for them. 

Denim Social stores basic information for each Users such as: name, email address, phone number, and website URL. Denim Social allows each User to have their own Ad Destination URL (advertisement landing page), which can be edited for each representative at any time in the platform. Denim Social collects social media information for each User's Facebook Business Page, Instagram account, LinkedIn account, and Twitter account. Facebook is the only field that is currently required. Each representative is also assigned to an Ad Target Zip Code and an Ad Target Radius, which are editable at any time.


Users: the representatives of your company you would like to be able to advertise on behalf of (not the group of employees who will actually use the platform)

Ad Destination URL: for advertisements whose call to action takes consumers away from Facebook, Ad Destination URL is the URL for that landing page.

Geofence: considered the local market for each representative, a geofence is circle around a center point on a map. Each agent is assigned to one geofence. Ads powered by the Denim platform are only shown to consumers who reside within a geofence for a representative.

Ad Target Zip Code: The zip code center point from which a geofence is created. The Denim platform uses the geographic center of the inputted zip code as the Ad Target Zip Code.

Ad Target Radius: The distance in miles from the Ad Target Zip Code to include in each User’s Geofence. 

As a part of Denim Social’s “Automatic Onboarding,” we create your account for you so that the first time you log in the account is already pre-built. In order to assure your account is created accurately, please complete the spreadsheet attached to this document and email it back to

This spreadsheet will be used in the next step: Facebook Business Manager.

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