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UnderstandingFacebook Ad Account, advertiser access, and media spend payment method
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Anyone who has tried to launch an ad campaign in Facebook Ads Manager for multiple producers knows it can be very time consuming. Facebook Ads Manager requires a different ad be built for each producer separately. Denim Social can save teams a ton of time - they only have to create one ad and Denim Social does the heavy lifting, launching it on behalf of all of their producers (from their pages) at one time.

In this article, we will go through :

Meta Business Suite can be hard to understand. If you'd like more information on the different components of Facebook Business Manager, check out this article.

Layers of permissions of Facebook Business Manager.

Ad Account - Agency Partner

Denim Social will connect its Facebook Business Manager with your organization's Ad Account (or help you create an Ad Account).

  • Denim Social will only connect to one ad account for your organization's instance

  • This ad account will supply the payment for all ad spend incurred through the ad campaigns.

  • Your organization should have one or more employees to consider "Admins" for your Ad Account

    • They will be added as an "Employee" in Denim Social's Business Manager

Media Spend Payment Method

  • A credit card payment method needs to be supplied to the Denim-created Ad Account.

  • This payment method will be charged by Facebook for the advertising cost associated with all ad campaigns launched through the Denim platform.

  • Facebook charges the credit card supplied at set billing thresholds, and also on a monthly basis. This is called Automatic Payments.

  • Facebook will charge the supplied credit card as soon as media spend has hit the billing threshold, and again at the end of the month for any leftover media spend.

Facebook Business Page - Advertiser Access

  • Denim Social will request “Advertiser Access” to each Facebook Business Page you intend on advertising on behalf of. The individual that owns the page will receive a notification of this request

    • Advertiser Access only grants Denim access to advertise on behalf of their page. 

    • In order to accept the request, an individual must be both

      • An admin on the business page itself

      • An admin on the business manager that owns the page

    • This article has a step-by-step guide on how to where to find and accept this permission request.

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