After your organization has determine which representatives should receive Denim-powered advertisements, the next step is to handle necessary elements within Facebook's Business Manager.

Ad Account

Denim will create an Ad Account within Denim's Business Manager. Your organization will determine one or more employees to consider "Admins" for your Ad Account, and Denim will add them as an "Admin" to the Ad Account. They will be added as an "Employee" in Denim's Business Manager.

Advertiser Access

Denim needs “Advertiser Access” to each Facebook Business Page you intend on advertising on behalf of. Advertiser Access only grants Denim access to advertise on behalf of their page. 

Denim will send an Advertiser Access Permission Request to each User your organization would like to advertise on behalf of. Admins of each Business Page will need to accept this permission request in order for the Denim platform to be able to power ads on their behalf.

Below is an article link explaining the process of accepting this request for Admins of the Business Pages. This article has a step-by-step guide to how to accept this permission request.

Media Spend Payment Method

Media spend generated through the Denim platform is paid directly to Facebook. 

A credit card payment method needs to be supplied to the Denim-created Ad Account. This payment method will be charged by Facebook for the advertising cost associated with all ad campaigns launched through the Denim platform. 

Once the Ad Account has been created, Denim will distribute a URL to follow where a payment method can be supplied and utilized for media spend.

Facebook charges the credit card supplied at set billing thresholds, and also on a monthly basis. This is called Automatic Payments. Facebook will charge the supplied credit card as soon as media spend has hit the billing threshold, and again at the end of the month for any leftover media spend.

We're getting really close to provisioning login access! The last step before you'll gain access is easy: tell us who you'd like to be a Denim Platform User

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