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How to use the Media product to upload images and videos to your platform account, and best practices

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Images and videos utilized in ad campaigns are owned by each customer and are utilized in the Denim platform. 

Creative assets are uploaded for use in campaigns through Denim's Media product. When an image or video is uploaded it can then be used in the Denim platform in the ad creation process. 

Follow the steps below to load images and videos to your Denim platform account.


Click Media on the lower left-hand corner of your screen.


Click Upload in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.


Select the image or video you would like to upload and give it a name.


Click Upload.

Campaigns cannot be launched until creative assets are loaded for use.

You may have noticed a feature called Albums within the Media product. Check out this article to learn more about Albums.

To find out more about best practices for ads media from Meta, including media specifications, check out their Facebook Ads Guide.

When determining your creative assets, be sure to think through the campaigns you intend to run, and choose images and videos that best align to the specific campaign you intend to run. 

And, of course, if your organization requires you to gain compliance approval, ensure the images and videos are approved prior to uploading them for use.

You're only one step away from creating your first Denim-powered campaigns! The last step is: Audiences.

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