This is the group of marketing professionals who your organization would like to have log-in access to their instance of the Denim platform. These individuals have the capability to edit Users and Groups, create and edit Audiences, view and share Insights, and build and launch Campaigns. Essentially, these are the people who will manage and use the platform after full activation. 

Please send the following information to in order to provision platform access to the desired marketing professionals:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

Denim will email platform users their username and a temporary password. Upon the first log-in, platform users will be required to change their password to the password of their choice. Unless your organization has specific requirements, Denim's default password complexity requires the following:

  • One uppercase letter

  • One lowercase letter

  • One number

  • One special character

  • Minimum of 5 characters

Best practice: limit the amount of employees who have log-in access to your Denim account. All Marketing Managers have the same capabilities in the Denim platform. We have found our new customers are the most successful when they keep their team small initially.

Ready to get in your new Denim Platform Account? Here's your first step once you've gained access: Users & Groups

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