The Users product inside your Denim platform account is where you have the ability to add new Users, edit existing Users, archive Users, create Groups, monitor the status of each User, and manage things like target geographies and ad destination URL's for each User. Needless to say, this is a feature you'll find yourself using quite a bit.

Let's dive into each of the things you can do in Users in a bit greater detail.

Manage Seat Usage

The home screen when you click the Users product will display platform usage details such as how many seats you purchased, how many are being used, and how many are seats remaining. 

Edit existing Users:

From time to time, you may need to change specific details about the Users in your Denim platform account. Maybe a User recently got married and their last name changed, or maybe their physical address changed because they moved to a new office, or maybe their phone number changed. You have the ability to do that directly in your Denim platform account.

Two other items that can be edited within a User profile affect future campaigns run on their behalf. 

  1. Ad Destination URL: analogous with a landing page, this is the location web traffic will be directed for ads displayed on behalf of each of your Users. Feel free to change this at any time; it won't affect campaigns that are currently running. Changing the Ad Destination URL will only affect future campaigns.

  2. Ad Target Zip Code and Radius: this is the geographical area where ads will be served on behalf of each User. The default value is the zip code of the User's physical address, however, it can be changed at any time. The maximum distance from the zip code center point is a 50 mile radius.

Check out this article to learn how

Archive Users:

There may come a time when you need to remove a User from your Denim platform account. In other words, you no longer want to be able to advertise on their behalf. We allow our customers to "archive" Users to accomplish this. Because most of our customers compete in a highly regulated industry, we maintain records such as all advertisements run on their behalf for compliance and discoverability. That's why we call it "archive" rather than "delete." 

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Create Groups:

Campaigns in the Denim platform are launched on behalf of a singular Group of Users. Most of our customers set aside a chunk of time dedicated to creating Groups of Users that make sense for the campaigns that will be run, and these Groups are created from within the Users feature.

Helpful things to keep in mind: 

  • Campaigns are launched on behalf of a single Group

  • Users can be a member of several different groups simultaneously.

  • Groups can be added and removed at any time

  • Users can be added and removed from groups at any time

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Monitor the status of each User:

Each User in your Denim platform account has an activation status that is regularly checked to ensure successful campaign launches. Here's a list of the statuses and their definitions:

  • Active: these are the Users that ads can be built for. The User has authorized Denim Advertiser Access to their Facebook Page, 

  • Pending: we are awaiting advertiser access authorization for these Users

  • Error: we are missing one or more key items for these Users, and/or the User has rejected the advertiser access authorization request

  • Archived: effectively deactivated, these Users cannot be advertised on behalf of any longer, and have been removed by you or another person who can log in to your Denim platform account.

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