Campaign: the bread and butter of the Denim platform. In a campaign, you will be launching ads on behalf of your Users in their local markets.
Brand Campaign: In a Brand Campaign, campaigns are launched on behalf of your brand page into different local markets
Smart Campaign: A smart campaign is like a Campaign on steroids. It's Denim's take on a traditional A/B or split test, and allows you to test against one variable (Audience or Creative) to definitively determine what performs best in each local market.
Goal: Awareness: In any campaign whose goal is Awareness, success is measured based on the number of impressions generated.
Goal: Engagement: In any campaign whose goal is Engagement, success is measured based on the number of likes, comments, shares, or reactions it generates.
Goal: Conversion: In any campaign whose goal is Conversion, success is measured based on the number of clicks it generates
Budget: The amount you are willing to spend on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for each User the campaign will be built for. This amount is charged by Facebook according to the billing method on file in your Ad Account.
Start Date: The date campaigns will start delivering to consumers. Delivery will begin at midnight on the selected start date.
End Date: The date campaigns will stop delivering to consumers. Delivery will cease at 11:59pm on the selected end date.
Creative Format: The style of the ad - single image, multi-image, or video.
Total Campaign Budget: The estimated total cost of media spend for a given campaign


Audiences: The product within the Denim platform where customers create segments of consumers to target with ads run through their Denim platform account.
Target Audience: A segment of consumers to target based on characteristics like age, gender, demographics, behaviors, and interests.
Custom Audience: A segment of consumers to target based on the customer's own first-party data. A Custom Audience will target specific people, most commonly used for cross-selling, up-selling, and as a form of retargeting.
Lookalike Audience: This Audience type is a spin from a Custom Audience that points towards a Custom Audience and instructs the Denim platform to search for consumers that "look like" the Custom Audience.


Impressions: The amount of times an ad was presented to consumers. This indicates how many times the ad was seen.
Reach: The amount of unique people the ad was seen by.
Total Actions: The summary of all actions taken by consumers who saw the ad. This incorporates things like: likes, shares, comments, reactions, link clicks, and profile page clicks.
CPC: Cost per click.
CPM: Cost per 1000 impressions
Status: The status of the campaign: pending, active, testing, ActiveReallocated, and Completed are the statuses you may see.

Users & Groups

User: The company representative the Denim platform will advertise on behalf of. Each User is allocated a User Profile, where customers have the ability to edit their record, inclusive of things like: Ad Destination URL, Ad Target Zip Code, Ad Target Radius, basic contact information, and Group associations. Each User is associated with a Facebook Page, and has given Denim Advertiser Access to their Page.
Group: A segment of Users that have something in common with one another, and are grouped together so that campaigns can be launched on their behalf. Common groupings would be based on geography, by products offered, and by production status.
User Email: The email address for the User being advertised on behalf of. This is the email address where Insights will be delivered to when a customer shares campaign insights with the User.
User Website URL: The website URL for their agency website or microsite.
Ad Target Zip Code: The center point where the Denim platform will deliver ads to consumers from
Ad Target Radius: The distance from the Ad Target Zip Code to deliver ads to consumers from for each User. Coupled with Ad Target Zip Code, this constructs the geofence of where the Denim platform will power ads for each User.
Ad Destination URL: AKA landing page, this website is the URL where click-thru traffic for ads will be directed to for each User. Ad Destination URLs can be unique for each User, or they can be identical for each User. 

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