Our Advertising solution reimagines the way financial services companies market, engage, and sell with intelligent, data-driven technology. 

Designed with today’s mobile and social consumers in mind, this patent-pending technology saves time and money by enabling marketing teams to scale micro-targeted, localized mobile and social media advertisements (paid media) on behalf of a group of users: agents, financial advisors, loan officers, branch locations or agencies. 

With a focus on delivering a simple and intuitive platform, Advertising not only delivers results, it’s enjoyable to use.

What can I do with the Advertising solution?

  • Accomplish 40 hours of work in 2 minutes. It doesn’t matter if you’re launching a campaign for 10 agents or 10,000 advisors; it only takes two minutes.

  • Achieve predictable outcomes with localized ads. An ad shown from a local agent performs better—up to 250% better—than the same ad shown from a corporate brand.

  • Scale for thousands of users and deliver results with ease. With the launch of a single campaign, you can place ads and track results for thousands of producers.

Who uses the Advertising solution?

  • Marketing teams at insurance carriers. Many of our insurance carrier customers tell us they've been looking for a solution that allows them to scale local advertising for their agents. More than that, they're looking for ways to help them improve their relevancy to consumers on mobile devices. With the Advertising solution, they can achieve both, while ensuring that compliance is maintained. 

  • Marketing teams at banks and credit unions. Loan officers, bankers and bank branch locations each have their own unique brands to manage in their local market. The added compliance necessity makes it difficult to scale social media advertising. The Advertising solution allows centralized marketers to place ads on behalf of loan officers and branch locations at scale, from one easy-to-use experience.

What makes the Advertising solution unique?

  • Local advertising on behalf of local representatives. In addition to advertising on behalf of a brand page into various geographic markets, the Advertising solution allows you to advertise on behalf of the actual Facebook Pages of your local users/advisors. This leads to significant increases in performance when compared to similar campaigns run on behalf of a brand page.

  • Scale. Through one campaign creation process, it is feasible for the Advertising solution to power ads for thousands of different Facebook pages in thousands of different markets – all accomplished in as little as a couple of minutes.

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