Target Audiences in the Denim platform are used to target consumers based on criteria such as their age range, gender, demographics, interests and behaviors.

Here's a step-by-step guide to creating a Target Audience.


Click on Audiences on the left-hand rail, and then click Create Audience.


Click "Target" to begin creating your Target Audience.


Give your Audience a name, age range, and gender/s.


Start typing other inclusions you would like to add to this Target Audience, such as interest, demographics, or behaviors. In this example, I've typed "parent," and all matching targeting parameters populate below. Click on the parameter you would like to add, and then repeat the process to add more inclusions to your parameters.

When adding multiple inclusions, be aware that these are "OR" statements, not "AND" statements.


Keep an eye on the Audience Health meter in the upper right-hand corner. This gives you an indication of the overall health of the audience being built. Shoot for the Green band, however, ads will launch if you're in the Red or Yellow bands as well.

When you're satisfied with the Target Audience you've created, click "Save Audience" and it will be ready for use in your next Campaign.

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