As a marketing manager who launches campaigns and monitors performance metrics, you have the ability to share performance metrics of Campaigns powered by the Denim platform with the Users each campaign ran on behalf of.

This article describes how to Share Insights with your Users.

Before you start sharing Insights with your Users, make sure the email address associated with each User is valid and up to date. You will find each User's email address in their User profile (in the Users & Groups product).

Now that you've validated each User's email address is accurate, let's talk about how to Share Insights with your Users.

Sharing Insights with Users is done on a campaign-by-campaign basis. There are two ways to Share Insights with your Users: sharing with Users individually on a one-by-one basis, or sharing automatically with all Users in a given campaign.

You may wish to Share Insights with some Users but not all Users; that's why we allow you to Share Insights individually with each User. To do this, open a campaign that's either currently running or has completed running (from either the Campaigns product or the Insights product). You will see a button on the right-hand side of the table that says "Share Insights" for each row in the table. By clicking "Share Insights" here, the Denim platform will Share Insights with that one User.

If, on the other hand, you'd like to Share Insights with all Users in a given campaign, you have the ability to globally Share Insights from the Actions menu in the upper right-hand corner. Click Actions, then click Share Insights, and the Denim platform will share campaign Insights with each User the campaign ran on behalf of.

When you Share Insights with your Users through your Denim platform account, the email gets sent from, with a unique link for each User to click in order to view their specific campaign Insights. 

After the link is clicked, the User clicks through to a page that displays the Insights for the campaign you shared with them. Users will be sent the following information, specific to the ad run from their Facebook Page: start date, end date, clicks, CPM, CPC, reach, impressions, media spend, and a link to preview the ad.

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