A Smart Campaign is Denim's take on a traditional A/B or split test. In a Smart Campaign, you will select a test variable (either audience or creative) while holding the other constant. You will select a total campaign duration and the period of time to be designated as the testing, or optimization period, and Denim will determine a winner after the optimization period concludes. Different than standard A/B or split tests, a Smart Campaign in Denim does not conduct the test at the campaign level - it conducts the test on behalf of each User in your campaign.

A standard Campaign is the bread and butter of the Denim platform. It was the first solution we came to market with, and it's still tried and true. In a standard Campaign, you will select a goal, budget, campaign start/end dates, Group of Users to launch on behalf of, Audience of consumers to target, and build the actual creative assets. All of that is done in as little as two minutes, and you're live.

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