From time to time you may need to edit information about Users in your Denim platform account. Perhaps someone got married, changed their office location, or got a new website. Everything except for the email address of the User is editable, simply by clicking the pencil icon.

A couple of things to be aware of regarding editing existing Users:

  • When the Facebook Page Name field is updated, a new authorization request will be sent to the Admin/s of the new Facebook Page, and the status of the User will be Pending until the request is accepted. That means ads will not run for the User until the permission request is accepted.

  • The Ad Destination URL for each User can be changed anytime, even while a campaign is running. As a reminder, Ad Destination URL is essentially the landing page where click-through traffic will be directed to for each User. This URL can be edited at any time, without changing the click-through URL in a campaign that is currently running. Changing the Ad Destination URL will only affect future campaigns.

  • The Ad Target Radius and Zip Code for each User can also be changed anytime, without affecting currently running campaigns. By default, the Ad Target Zip Code will be the zip code of the physical address of the User, however, this can be changed. As with Ad Destination URL, changing the Ad Target Zip Code or Radius will only affect future campaigns. The maximum radius is 50 miles.

  • Lastly, adding and removing Users to and from Groups can easily be done within User profiles as well. 

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