Denim Pages™ is a multi-user landing page and retargeting solution that improves marketing performance and increases conversions by aligning pre-click expectations with post-click experiences. It's a customizable landing page builder with multiple templates, customizable form fields, and the ability to deliver an offer to the consumer (download a PDF, for example). It allows Denim Platform customers to build and publish a landing page one time and have it created on behalf of all active Users in their Denim Platform account. 

This is useful and effective when coupled with advertising campaigns created through the Denim Platform because when an ad is localized on behalf of a local representative (as Local Campaigns are in the Denim platform), the "post-click" experience should also be localized to the local representative. It boosts campaign performance by aligning pre-click expectations with post-click experiences.

Denim Pages is offered as an add-on solution to existing Denim Platform accounts. If you are interested in purchasing Denim Pages, start a chat with us by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner, or send us an email at

Check out the video below to see how quick it is to build landing pages for all active Users using Denim Pages!

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