Ad Destination URL's are found in each User's profile, and they are specific to each User. These URL's are the web address where traffic from advertisements will click through to. Ad Destination URL's can be unique for each User in your Denim platform account, or they can be identical for each User.

Each time a campaign is launched for a Group of your Users, the Denim platform assigns each User's Ad Destination URL to each ad. You may consider changing this Ad Destination URL from campaign to campaign depending on the goal of the campaign, the marketing message, the product being advertised, and any number of different factors.

To change Ad Destination URL's for your Users, follow these instructions.


Click on Users & Groups.


Click on the User you would like to change the Ad Destination URL for.


Click the pencil icon in the Contact tab of the User Profile.


Remove the existing Ad Destination URL, and replace it with the new Ad Destination URL.


Click the check mark, and you're all done!

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