User information is used to create ads and landing pages, therefore, it is important to gather all of the details necessary when uploading user information. You can provide the user information to Denim Social in one of two ways:

  • Fill out this spreadsheet and send to your CSM

  • Send this form to users for them to fill out

    • This option should be supplemented with communication or training in order to fully explain the program and the details needed

See more information on the user details needed:

  • Facebook Page URL: what is the URL for the user's Facebook page?

  • Ad Destination URL: the landing page where traffic will be directed to for each User. Edit this URL at any time, but be aware that when a campaign is launched click-thru traffic will direct to the URL associated with each User at the time the campaign is launched.

  • Ad Target Zip Code: The zip code center point from which a geofence is created. The Denim platform uses the geographic center of the inputted zip code as the Ad Target Zip Code.

  • Ad Target Radius: editable radius around the Geo. Consider this "geofence" the geographical area where ads will be presented to consumers on behalf of each specific User.

  • User Website URL: the website for the User; different from the landing page where traffic will be driven to from ad campaigns.

  • Location/Geo: the geographic area where ads will be presented to for each User, displayed as a zip code

  • First & Last name, Email, Phone Number, Address, City, State, Zip: These will populate at the footer of the user's landing page (if using the Pages solution)

User Profile

The User profile is designed to inform other products within the Denim platform & is fully editable. It stores basic contact information, social media profile information, group associations, and geographical information, so make sure to keep User Profiles up to date.

Pay close attention to Ad Destination URL and Ad Target Zip Code. They are dynamic and may need to be updated each time a campaign is launched. Ads powered by the Denim platform on behalf of individual representatives will click through to the Ad Destination URL provided for each User, and will be presented to consumers who fit the targeting parameters within each User's geo settings.

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