We allow you to place your images and videos into Albums for an additional layer of organization. As your usage of the Denim platform grows, additional organization keeps your media assets easy to use in the campaign creation process.

Albums in your Denim platform account allows you to organize your uploaded images and videos to make them simpler to use in the campaign creation process. 

For a couple ideas on how to start thinking about the albums you could consider using, check out this article.

Read on to learn how to place uploaded images and videos into albums, and how to use them in the campaign creation process.


Click Media, and click Create Album.


Give your new Album a name, select an album cover, and click Add Media.


Select the images and videos you would like to include in the Album.


Click Done once you have selected all images and videos to include in the Album.

Your new Album has now been created! 

Here's how you will see it when you are building a campaign in your Denim platform account.

When you arrive at the Ad Builder step in the campaign creation process, you will find your Albums located at the bottom of the screen.

When you click on your album, the images and videos associated with that album are rendered, giving you the option to select the image/s desired for this campaign.

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