If you received an email from Denim Social asking for access to advertise on your behalf, follow these instructions to grant us that access.

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  1. Go to Facebook.com

  2. Click the Page icon at the top of the screen

Select your business page from the list

3. Click Settings

4. Click Page Roles

5. You should have a Pending Partner Request from Denim Social. Click on the 'Respond to Request' button. If you do NOT have a pending partner request and Denim Social is not listed as an agency owner, jump to this section

Follow the prompts to allow Denim Social access to advertise on your behalf.

If you do NOT have a pending partner request, this means that you are not an admin on the Business Manager. You will need to reach out to the Page Owner admin. The page owner can be found under your Page Roles page under 'Page Owner'.

If you are the business manager owner, follow the steps above to give access to the user. If you do not see their page listed, you do not have admin access to the page. The page admin will need to give you admins access to their page to accept the request OR you will need to make them a business manager admin so they can accept the permission.

After the Business Manager admin accepts the request, your page roles should look like this with Denim Social added as an Agency

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