First, admins must add the personal Facebook account who owns or manages the Facebook business page you wish to add. This could be an employee's personal page, or a personal page set up specifically to manage the bank page. We do not access any information on this personal account but need it to access the bank page(s).

Users, before you connect your Facebook page, please ensure that your admin hasn't already connected it for you. This could cause duplication in the system.

1. From the left sidebar menu, Navigate to > Social Networks > Accounts

2. Click on the Add Social network button:

3. From the drop-down select Facebook account:

4. You will need to follow a series of prompts including entering the credentials for your social network and granting permissions/approvals for managing the account.

Note: Your social network passwords will not be viewed or saved in our platform but the connections will be saved as encrypted tokens.

5. Once you have completed the process, Facebook pages currently in the system are displayed:

6. You can disable specific pages that are not relevant on the toggle to the right of the page.

7. Your Facebook Pages can be accessed by clicking on your Facebook account or by clicking on the dropdown arrow

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