Why would I need to refresh my social network?

When a post fails to post on a user's page, the first step one should take is to check if their network needs to be refreshed. There are a few reasons that one might need to refresh their social network within Denim Social.

LinkedIn pages typically require a refresh every year or so. If a user's LinkedIn network connection requires a refresh, Denim Social will notify the user via email. Admins can see that the account needs to be refreshed within the Accounts module.

Facebook is less common, but still might require a refresh every so often.

Here is how you can refresh your account within Denim Social:

Log in to Denim Social at app.denimsocial.com.

Navigate to Social Networks > Accounts from the left sidebar menu.

Check the status of your social networks; a green check mark is an active status, the red "Refresh" is an indication you need to refresh your social network account.

Click the refresh access icon in the Actions column (looks like a curving arrow).

Several things might happen next depending on the social network; you may see a banner stating the social network is refreshed or you may be prompted to enter your username and password for the social network you are refreshing. Follow the prompts and grant the permissions requested.

This short video will walk you through the steps in less than 2 minutes:

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