Dashboards come in really handy if you want a quick view of what has been posted to your accounts--comments, reviews, messages, etc! You can add multiple networks to one dashboard, or if you manage more than a few networks, you can create tabs and organize the networks as you see fit!

When you log in to your account your dashboard is displayed:

Click on the "Add Feed" Button

In the Add Feed pop up:

  1. Select the network page for which you want to add a feed

  2. Select the specific activity you want to pull into your dashboard.

  3. Name the Feed to differentiate from others on your dashboard

  4. Click Add

You are ready to monitor your social network on your dashboard!

To add different categories of Feeds on your Dashboard Tab Click on the "+" button.

Type the Name of your Tab and Click the "Create" button

Delete a tab by clicking the "X" on the tab.

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