One of the most successful social media marketing strategies has to do with content mix — the 4-1-1 rule suggests that for every four pieces of new and interesting content you share (housing market trends, local economic data, etc.), you should repost one interesting company update and one personal story.

HOT TIP: It is a great 'best practice' to schedule out evergreen posts for the week or month, then fill in each week with homegrown and personal content.

Evergreen content is meant to help you stay relevant and establish yourself as a thought leader.

Homegrown and personal are meant to help you create deeper relationships with your audience.

If you're still thinking Evergreen is a tree and Homegrown is a Zac Brown Band song, check out our descriptions below! We will go through definitions, examples, and a sample content calendar !


Or Evergreen, as depicted on the calendar by the tree icon. Share quality informational content like blog posts, news stories, etc. This might be an article about improving your credit score, getting ready for tax season, travel tips, or lifestyle ideas.

Homegrown OR Repost

As depicted on the calendar by the home icon. These types of posts will be original and relevant to your company. They can come in the form of informational, entertaining, or update posts. This might be how your company is closed for Christmas, that you made a big update on your website, community events & fundraisers that your company participated in, or simply a shared post by another in your company.


As depicted by the person icon on the calendar. These types of posts are meant to create that human connection with your audience. Maybe you want to share with your audience how happy you are of the couple that just bought their first house, or the community service event that you just participated in with your co-workers.

Social Media Calendar 4-1-1

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