Members of the approval workflow will receive an email when there is a post to approve. There is a slight difference in the way you should approach approving regularly scheduled posts vs. content library posts.

  1. Approving a Scheduled Post

  2. Approving a Content Library Post

Approving a Scheduled Post

  1. Navigate to Publishing > Posts > Pending Approval on the left side navigation

2. Click on the "Pending Approval" area in the top navigation

3. There you will see app posts pending Admin approval. Click on the "Show Details" eye icon under the Actions column to view details of the post. The approver can make notes if there needs to be a change or if the post is not approved.

4. Click on the Approve button on the top right to approve the post.

5. The Approved Post moves to the "Scheduled" tab until it gets posted as scheduled.

To Approve a Content Library Post

Navigate to the Publishing -> Content libraries menu found on the left-hand side of the screen in the sidebar menu.

Click on the folder's name where the post was added to.

Click on the Pending Approval Tab to view posts waiting for approval.

Click on the Approve button to approve the post.

The Approved Post moves to the "Approved" tab, ready to be posted without further approval.

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