This article will go over how to:

  1. Set up a listening search

  2. View your listening results

Set Up a Listening Search

Searches are set up in the listening module to monitor what’s being said about your brand and will allow you to quickly respond.

1. From the left sidebar menu, Navigate to > Listening > Search set up

2. Click on the Create Search button:

3. Descriptions of the search term boxes

A. Name: This will be the name that displays on the Listening tab in the left navigation so name it something you will recognize

B. Description: This will describe what you are listening for, we suggest naming it the same as “Name”

C. Search Terms: This will identify which search terms you want to search for either on google or Twitter

1. When typing in the terms you’d like to search for, type in the word and press “enter”, this will add a search term to the search box

2. If you would like to see a phrase searched (such as Denim Social) put those terms in quotes (like “Denim Social”) to ensure only Denim Social as 1 term is searched, not just hits for Denim and hits for Social

D. Exclusion terms: this is where you would put terms you do not want to have searched. In the case of searching “Denim Social”, we would put in exclusions “Jeans” so Denim Jeans is not searched for

E. Search Across Social Networks: Twitter is the only social network that allows us to crawl the site for terms, so you may put in your Twitter account if you wish to search all of Twitter for your terms

F. Geolocation: This is an optional field that allows you to search in a specific geographic area for search terms. In order to do this, you would need the latitude, longitude, and mile radius you would like to search for

G. Search Feeds URL: Listening pulls in information from Google Alerts, so for every term you have in the “search terms” area, you will need a google alert set up for that term

4. Setting up a Google Alert:

A. Select “create alert” and select the “show options” area

B. Google your options so it mimics what you see below

C. Hit “create alert”, and once created, select the RSS feed button circled below

D. A new window will open, copy the entire URL and paste it into the Search Feeds URL section in the Denim Social App and hit “add url”

You have now set up Listening! You will receive an email to the email address associated with this account that will look like this any time a search term you have targeted is found by Google.

To View Your Listening Results:

From the left sidebar menu, Navigate to > Listening > Search Results

From the Searches area, you have a few options:

A. Click a search name to view results

B. Alternatively, this eye icon will also take you to your search results

C. Click the pencil to edit your search parameters

D. Delete this search

Once in the search results, you will see a page like the screenshot below. These are the results of your listening search.

A. Select a date range to narrow down your information

B. You have the ability to

1. view this article/mention on the network is was posted on

2. Make a note about this article

3. See when a search result article was hidden and see when emails sent containing the search results were sent to the corresponding email address

4. Hide a search result from the results report

C. Click this to show all hidden search results

D. Export this report into a PDF

To set up a listening search, click here.

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