From the left sidebar menu, Navigate to > Listening > Search Results

From the Searches area, you have a few options:

A. Click a search name to view results

B. Alternatively, this eye icon will also take you to your search results

C. Click the pencil to edit your search parameters

D. Delete this search

Once in the search results, you will see a page like the screenshot below. These are the results of your listening search.

A. Select a date range to narrow down your information

B. You have the ability to

1. view this article/mention on the network is was posted on

2. Make a note about this article

3. See when a search result article was hidden and see when emails sent containing the search results were sent to the corresponding email address

4. Hide a search result from the results report

C. Click this to show all hidden search results

D. Export this report into a PDF

To set up a listening search, click here.

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