This Social Media Posts archive report provides the user with all the activities of their social networks. This report can be filtered to select a specific social network to

display along with any images, posts, or links shared on that specific network.

This report can be exported in a PDF format as well (seen below in blue).

Note: Large files generated are emailed to the user in PDF format.

To access this report, navigate to the left panel> Reports> Archive Reports

In this report, you can filter out the social accounts (in purple) and date range (in green) for each specific account.

When you select the date range and account you would like to view, this is what your screen will look like:

From here, you can view the report as-is or you can download the report by exporting it to a PDF.

*Note, exporting reports can take some time to download depending on the size.

Once a report is exported, this is what the report will look like:

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