You can check your key social metrics over time right within the Denim Social platform!

HOT TIP: Check this report weekly for your page to see if your charts are going up and to the right! We love to see growth in fans and engagement!

The report provides the daily insights for Twitter and Facebook Pages. This report can be filtered by each social network and date range to provide the social network insights.

You are able to select which Facebook or Twitter account to view, a specific date range you would like to view, and export the report as needed.

*note: at this time, only Facebook and Twitter are eligible for this report

Facebook page displays:
Page Fans: Number of new page fans,

Page Total views: The number of times a Page's profile has been viewed by people

Page Engaged Users: The number of users engaged with the page.

Page Video Views: The number of times your Page's videos played for at least 3 seconds, or for nearly their total length if they're shorter than 3 seconds.

Page Post engagement: The number of people who clicked anywhere in your posts. Page Post Impressions: The number of people who had your Page's post enter their screen.

Twitter account displays:

Follower count: The number of followers

Favorite count: provides the number of times the tweet has been favorited.

Statuses count: The number of Tweets (including retweets) issued by the user.

Friends count: The number of users this account is following

Listed count: The number of public lists that this user is a member of

Following: The number of followers this account currently has.

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