There are a few ways you (as the admin) can choose to be alerted when new activity occurs in the Denim Social platform. Aside from receiving approval emails as part of the approval workflow, you can opt in to receive alerts & summary reports that capture the activity in our account.

Within Notifications, you can set up

  1. Alerts - Real-time email notifications directly to your inbox at the time of the event

  2. Summary Reports - Email notifications with a summary of the events within a specific timeframe (hourly, daily, monthly)

You can include any of the following in your alerts or summary reports:

  • Activities: you can set up an email alert for Activity on any social network page(s) (example: activity on a specific user's page like a new post).

  • Listening: you can set up a listening alert within Denim Social that will email you whenever your specified key words are mentioned. Before you create an email alert for a listening search, you need to add a Listening Search within the listening module. For more information on setting up a search, check out this article on Listening

  • Specific Words: if you add a word to this field, your email will only show results for activity or listening searches that includes that word. To get more specific in your search, put the exact word or term in quotes (example: if you want to return only results that include Denim Social, put "Denim Social: in the specific words field)

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