Denim Social: What's In It For Me?!

  • It’s easy: Log in once a week and schedule out multiple posts in just a few minutes! (Make yourself a calendar reminder and sit back and watch the likes and comments come in.)

  • It’s important: Increase your visibility, create trust, and keep yourself top of mind for when the time is right for your audience

  • It pays off: Having a consistent social presence extends your professional brand & increases the reach of your message to find new prospective clients.

The below introduction outlines how our typical customer might structure their posting and content strategy, but be sure to get aligned with your company's social strategy and expectations as an employee user in the tool prior to posting.

Why use a tool to post on social media? Can't I just post my brand posts on my on social network page?

  1. Compliance- We work in a regulated industry and we must have compliance measures in place when it comes to posting on behalf of the brand. Compliance is in our DNA here at Denim Social, with built in workflows, keyword alerts, post archiving, and post reports for when audits roll around.

  2. Scheduling- Maximize efficiency by creating and scheduling content days, weeks, or months in advance!

  3. Post to multiple networks at once -Easily publish posts to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Optimize your posts by utilizing hashtags and @ mentions, adding media and previewing based on social network.

  4. Get content posted on your behalf-If it is part of your company's social strategy, they may post evergreen or homegrown content on your behalf. Or, they may give you content in your content library that you can post at your leisure. Lucky you!

What is social selling?

Social selling involves using your social media business pages for selling. Employees typically have a far greater reach than the brand, and their followers typically trust their content much more than they trust a company's content.

When employees share helpful information that highlights their expertise, their networks will already begin to see them as trusted resources. This lays a solid foundation for future business opportunities

Social selling is generally accomplished by leveraging a 4-1-1 strategy--sharing a mixture of 4 evergreen, 1 homegrown, and 1 personal posts.

Many times, companies' marketing teams will post evergreen content on behalf of employees, or employees will schedule their evergreen posts for the following week or month. Where employees can really set themselves apart is by capitalizing on the homegrown and personal content, where they can further establish trust and human connection with their audience. Check out the 4-1-1 article for examples of each type of content, as well as a sample content calendar.

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