But first, what is social selling?

Social selling involves using your social media business pages for selling. Employees typically have a far greater reach than the brand, and their followers typically trust their content much more than they trust a company's content.

When employees share helpful information that highlights their expertise, their networks will already begin to see them as trusted resources. This lays a solid foundation for future business opportunities

Here are the steps to ensure your social presence is optimized:

  1. Polish & Check In On Your Social Profiles

  2. Post Meaningful & Relevant Content

    1. Creating a healthy and informed content mix

    2. When Should I Post?

  3. Interact With Your Community

  4. Make Social A Habit

Step 1: Polish & Check In On Your Social Profiles

Keep branding updated and uniform across networks:

If you want to dig in deeper to best practices across each network, click the links below:

Step 2: Post Meaningful & Relevant Content

Create a healthy and informed content mix:

A good rule of thumb for your weekly content mix is 1 Industry post, 1 brand post, and 1 personal or community post ( 3 total/week). Want to go above and beyond? Try 2 industry, 2 brand and 1 personal or community post per week (5 per week, at least).

Check out this article to learn more about different types of content.

When Should I Post?

Each network has different engagement levels depending on the day and the time of day. Looking at the analytics for your specific audience will give you the best idea of when to post to maximize engagement!

Step 3: Interact With Your Community

Don’t ‘Post & Ghost’ - remember that social selling is about building relationships in an increasingly digital world

Don’t miss a thing - Set up your dashboard in Denim Social so you can track all comments, reviews, tags and posts across your networks in one place

Step 4: Make Social A Habit

Carve out 30 minutes weekly or bi-weekly to:

Grow your network:

  • Respond to any new connection requests on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

  • Send any relevant connection requests with a personalized note

  • Check your recent new followers and follow them back!

Listen for new opportunities

  • Look up clients on social channels before meeting with them. Learn about them either professionally or personally - Congratulate them on promotions, babies, and any other life events!

Build Credibility

  • Check out the content library + content calendar and schedule out content

  • Check your dashboard for updates + engage with your audience on social media

  • Check the reach and engagement on your posts - use that data to drive your social priorities for the following month

  • Engage with content posted by other businesses and professionals in your community to stay top of mind

Want more post ideas? Check out our content calendar.

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