We are going to review 4 things you can do right now in order to start to grow your Facebook business page following. By doing these things, along with sharing valuable content and engaging with your audience you will begin to optimize your social presence.

Share your page and invite your friends to like it.

One of the quickest, most efficient ways to start driving awareness and growing your audience is to invite your friends to like & follow your page. Remember, your friends have friends that might be interested in following your new page as well. Set aside time very month to invite new friends, family & colleagues to like your page.

How do I invite friends to like my page?

First, make sure you are logged in to Facebook through your personal Facebook Account. If you don't have a personal Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/help/188157731232424

  • Find your page by using the search option in Facebook, or google your page name or your Facebook business page username. The page username starts with @.

  • Don't be discouraged if you don't see your new Facebook Business Page when using the Facebook search function. It can take a while for new pages to get indexed and show up in the search.

  • If you have a page role assigned to you for your Facebook Business Page, navigate to the flag icon in the top bar and click to display ‘Your Pages’.

Invite friends one by one utilizing the "Invite Friends to Like Your Page" section on the left hand side of the page.

Also, by utilizing the menu under the 3 dots, you can easily like, follow, share and invite friends to follow your Facebook Business Page.

Tag your partners in posts

When you tag your partners, they will be notified that you mentioned them in your post. Depending on their preferences, your post can show up on their news feed as well which will increase visibility. Be sure to check your social policy to ensure you are able to tag your partners.

To tag another Facebook Business Page:

  • Start writing a post. Then click 'Tag Account'. Currently, only Facebook Business Pages and Twitter accounts can be tagged within Denim Social.

  • Enter the name of the page you want to tag and click 'search'. This will return a list of Facebook business pages for you to choose from. You can click on the hyperlink of the Facebook business page name to open a new tab to be certain you are selecting the correct business page. When you have found the correct page, click "tag".

  • You can tell that they are tagged when their name is highlighted. Be sure to add pictures--posts with images are much more likely to be seen by your audience!

Use Hashtags

What is a hashtag? Before 2007 the hashtag symbol was simply known as the “pound” or “number” symbol, but now, by putting this symbol in front of a keyword on Facebook, it will provide viewers with a clickable link that takes them to more content they may be interested in.


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Why use a hashtag?

  1. Content awareness - For example: If you wanted to create a social media post about “renovation mortgages,” you can go to the Facebook search bar and type in #renovationmortgages. This will help you find questions people have, social posts that have been utilized with this topic, and what other businesses are saying. Getting an understanding of how your content will fit into the conversation can help provide value and drive clicks back to your profile

  2. Community building - For example: you’re planning a mortgage event. By asking attendees to include a specific hashtag when they post content around the event, you’ll be able to see all of the posts in one place and potentially further connect with attendees in the future.

How to use a hashtag:

  • Start writing a post. Hashtag a few keywords by adding a '#' and then a keyword. In the example below, after I post my post, I could click on the hashtags #volunteering or #samplebank and see all other posts that other people on Facebook wrote that included these same hashtags

If there’s a trending hashtag for your company, use that hashtag to join the conversation and bring recognition to your content.

Don't overdo it, studies show that the more hashtags a Facebook post has, the weaker the engagement. Focus in on one or two at the most.

Add your social network links to your email signature

Lastly, depending on your company's brand guidelines, it is a great best practice to add your Facebook Business page link to your email signature and prompt email recipients to like and follow your page.

  • Start by saving the applicable icon below to your computer. Right click and choose save - as. Save wherever is convenient for you.

Next, go to your email settings and add the icon and link to your signature

  • For outlook emails, sign in and select Settings > View all Outlook settings at the top of the page.

  • Select Mail >Compose and reply.

  • In the Edit signature text box, add a new line beneath the current signature. Tip: Position your cursor at the end of the line with the signature, and then press Enter.

  1. Choose Picture, go to the folder where you saved your icons, and then choose the social networking service icon you saved.

  2. Choose Insert > Hyperlink .

  3. In the Address box, enter your Facebook Business Page URL.

  4. Choose OK to finish modifying the new signature.

Most up-to-date social network icons:







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