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Compose a Post Using the Media Manager

Compose a Post

File Size Requirements

Do you have an image or video you use often and you'd love to just keep it in the Denim Social app for easy access? The Media Manager will allow you to do just that!

To access the Media Manager go to Publishing > Media on the left side navigation and click on Media.

To Upload Media in the Media Manager

  1. Click on "Upload Media" in the green box seen in the screenshot below and select the image or video you'd like to add from your desktop to the Media Manager

  2. The file will be automatically stored in the FILES tab seen in the purple box unless you selected a folder first prior to uploading the file.

    1. To create a folder, you simply select Add Folder in the pink box, name your folder, and now you can categorize your files in specific folders.

      *Note that when you go to files, you will see all of the files that are also in specific folders. The folders simply allows you to categorize for easy access

  3. Once the file is uploaded it is ready to use!

Using Files in the Media Manager

  1. Either go into one of your Folders or into the Files section and select your image or video you'd like to use for a post

  2. Click on the image to view the image which will look like this:

    a. When you're in View mode, you can see the size of the image or video, the file type, dimensions, and which social networks that file will be compatible with. As you can see, the file above is compatible with all social networks.

    b. However, this file below, which is a video, is not compatible on LinkedIn or Instagram and this is indicated by the red X marks.

3. You can also click on the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner (purple box seen below), this will allow you to do a few things:

a. View the file

b. Rename the file

c. Move the file into a folder if it isn't already in one OR move it into a different folder if it's already in one.

d. Compose a post as you would any other post. Learn how to compose a post by clicking here!

e. Delete a post.

*NOTE: If you delete a post, there is no trash bin, it will be permanently deleted from the platform until you re-upload it.

You uploaded a file but have no idea where it went?! No problem!

  1. Go to the "Files" tab, here is where you have a few search option to find that file:

    1. You can click on the All Media section to view either all of your images or all of your videos seen below in the purple box.

    2. You can also sort by date if you know the date you uploaded the file OR by the name of the file by toggling between the options seen below in the green box.

    3. Finally, if you know the name of it, you can simply type in the name in the Search box seen below in blue

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