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Compose a Post

File Size Requirements

Composing/creating a post

To compose a post using files from the media in the Compose module, do the following:

  1. Click on the Pink box below to bring up the Media Manager

2. you will then see this pop-up

3. This will function just like the Media Manager with a few exceptions:

a. You will not be able to see the file size

b. you will not be able to see which social networks the posts will work on

4. Once you have your files selected, you can see they now have a blue checkmark next to them. Click the Add Media button on the bottom right corner

5. If you uploaded an image or video that is not allowed on a certain platform, you will receive an error such as the one seen below. For this, I would need to remove the video I chose and retry my post.

6. Once all errors are cleared, your post will follow your regular approval process!

Viewing Files in the Media Manager

  1. Either go into one of your Folders or into the Files section and select your image or video you'd like to use for a post

  2. Click on the image to view the image which will look like this:

    a. When you're in View mode, you can see the size of the image or video, the file type, dimensions, and which social networks that file will be compatible with. As you can see, the file above is compatible with all social networks.

    b. However, this file below, which is a video, is not compatible on LinkedIn or Instagram and this is indicated by the red X marks.

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