Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a method of authentication that grants login access to a User only after successfully validating their identity through a separate channel (email or SMS, for example). MFA protects a User's data from being accessed by a third party that may have been able to obtain a User's password by providing a one-time passcode that is validated through another channel and supplied to the original platform.

Long story short, most organizations should be using MFA by this point in many tech platforms used on a regular basis, to prevent unwarranted access.

In Denim Social's Publishing solution, MFA is not mandated for all organizations, but it is recommended. Only Admin users within your organization have the ability to enable MFA.

Here's how to enable MFA for your organization and all of your Users

Log in to your Denim Social Publishing Solution account (

Click Administration > Settings on the left-hand panel

Scroll down to "MFA Settings" and click "MFA Enabled"

Click "Update" and viola!

All Users in your organization will now be required to validate their identity using a one-time passcode delivered either via email or via SMS.

Here's a quick video showing the login flow for a User whose organization has MFA enabled.

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