If your organization has enabled Mutli-Factor Authentication (MFA), all Users within the organization will be required to authenticate their identity through email or SMS. This will require Users to input a one-time passcode that is delivered via email or SMS. This article will help you learn how to set up your MFA preferences.

Setting up your MFA preferences

Log in to Denim Social's Publishing Solution (app.denimsocial.com) and click on your name in the upper right-hand corner to surface your User Profile.

Right underneath your Role, you'll see a section for MFA ("Email MFA enabled" and "SMS MFA enabled"). By default, if your organization has MFA enabled, "Email MFA Enabled" will be activated.

If you'd like to receive your one-time passcode via SMS instead of email, please supply your cell phone number in your User profile and check the box next to "SMS MFA enabled" to be able to authenticate via SMS in addition to email.

If you only want to receive your one-time passcode via SMS, unselect "Email MFA enabled."

Here's a quick video showing how to log in with MFA enabled.

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