This article is for users whose organizations have turned on the integration. If you are an user and don't have access to your reviews on the Denim Platform, please reach out to your Marketing Department.

Viewing and Posting Reviews in Denim Social

Utilizing the Denim Social Content Library feature and integration,

you can now easily access and more strategically share 5-star reviews on your social channels.

Navigate to Publishing > Reviews. Here you’ll see all of the 5 star reviews that Denim Social has pulled over from

You will have the ability to create and schedule a post for individual reviews by clicking the three dots, shown below:

Or enable automatic posting for all reviews and choose the posting frequency:

A few things to note:

  • Remember to maintain consistency in your social media content calendar by balancing reviews alongside all other social media posts.

  • If you enable automatic posting and all of your reviews have posted, the system will not post again until a new review comes in.

  • Denim Social isn’t talking to Experience about their settings, so ensure that settings are complementary to what you have set up in Denim.

    • If you want to manage everything through Denim make sure you have automatic posting, etc. disabled in Experience and that settings are complementary of each other.

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