There is some information we need to gather in order to set up your advertising account.

  1. Subdomain URL

  2. Platform Admin Users

  3. Pages

  4. Facebook Ad Account ID

  5. Pixel

  6. Audience ID

  7. Gather user information

Subdomain URL:

  • What URL do you want to log into to access Advertising? Format would be

  • Example:

Platform Admin Users:

  • Who will be logging in and advertising on behalf of all users?

    • We recommend having 2-5 admins on the platform

  • User count:

    • How many users are you going to add into the tool?


Facebook Ad Account ID


  • If you're using our pages tool, you can add a pixel to track data

  • If you don't have an existing pixel, Denim Social can create one for you


  • Do you have an existing Audience ID in your Facebook business manager? If so, we can add it into Denim Social

Facebook Business Manager

  • Denim Social will request Accept Denim Social request for Advertising Access

Begin to gather User information

  • Determine users and gather user information

  • This article provides details to help you understand what each of the fields are needed for

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