Check out the video of our December webinar, where we had a customer panel discuss how they drive engagement with their social selling programs.

Being responsible for your team’s social selling strategy may be a little daunting at first. We see it firsthand every day here at Denim Social – without a meaningful strategy, users may not be eager to jump on a new platform. Here are some best practices from a few of our most successful customers!

Content and Distribution Strategy

Supply plenty of relevant Industry and Company content that users will want to share! Think industry articles, motivational quotes, holiday posts, and products or services that they offer.

Don't forget to give them guidance on content mix to make sure they are keeping their audience engaged with different types of posts.

  • Hot tip: Supplement their feeds by posting company-wide posts on their behalf!

  • Hot tip: Leverage local offices to help create regional content or posts for their local associates. This helps with local content and user engagement because it encourages them to be closer to their strategy

Communicating The Value of Social Media & Denim Social

One of the most effective ways to communicate the value of social media to end users is to highlight what their top-performing peers are doing on Social Media. Gathering real-life examples using metrics, testimonials & video interviews and featuring them in newsletters, webinars, training, etc will create a powerful success story.

Denim Social scheduling tools provide a huge value add for users, allowing them to schedule out content for months in less than 15 minutes. This frees up valuable time to concentrate on what matters most; engaging with their customers.

  • Hot tip: Download this Success Story template and use it to showcase success, quotes and testimonials from your top performers. Simply add quotes or their tactics for success to the template and leverage it as motivation for end-users who may be reluctant to utilize social media. BONUS points if you add a metric or two to demonstrate the users' success! This is a great resource to add to monthly newsletters and webinars to keep the inspiration flowing.

  • Hot tip: If you want to partner with Denim Social to create a case study (example pictured above) on some of your top performers, reach out to your CSM today!

Consistent Training & Communication of the Value of Social Media

Host trainings that help users with their social strategy. Make sure you are consistently communicating the value of social media and Denim Social to your users.

  • Hot tip: check out some of these touchpoints that many of our successful customers have in place. Pick and choose what works best for yo

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