For companies with more than one instance of the Denim Social, we now support the ability to have a shared content library that shows up in multiple instances of Denim Social. (Think corporate adding content to a library for multiple branches via shared content collections folder) You'll find these External Shared Content Libraries in your Collections when they are available and shared with you.

The owner of the shared collections can customize Shared Content Libraries with evergreen or branded content, as well as time-sensitive or campaign-specific content.

This new capability will also enable Partner organizations like the ABA to deliver their content directly to Denim Social customers that are ABA members, right within the platform! If this sounds like something your company would benefit from, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get it set up!

Creating a Shared Content Library

To create a shared content library create at least one folder in your content library that you'd like to designate as the shared folder. Then, toggle the 'Publish to Collection' button to send it to the Collections section.

You have to add a start date in order to publish, but an end date is optional. The end date means that it will automatically stop sharing the folder with the users that have access to the Collection.

As soon as you toggle on the Publish to Collections button, that folder will be shared with any other organization that has access to your collections.

If you need to hide a post within a folder so it cannot be used, you can click the eye icon at the top right of the post.

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