In this article, we take a deeper dive into how to set up and navigate Denim Pages so you can quickly and easily create your customizable landing page.

Below is a step by step process on building your landing page.

Step 1: After signing into the Advertising Platform, you will want to start on the left hand side of your screen and scroll down to the tab that says "Pages."

  • At this point you will be taken to a page that will show you previously published Pages. In the top right hand section of your screen click "Create New Page"

    Step 2: Creating your page. Here is where you will begin to customize your page and utilize the options that the platform has to offer.

  • Template: You now will see the landing page layout. You will start at the top in the tab labeled "template." Click here to choose which layout you would like for your page.

    • Note: the users name will populate over from their profile in the Ads tool.

  • Styles include: Standard, Standard-Mirrored, or Column. Choose whichever fits your style and appeal.

    • Note - if you choose Standard-Mirrored, the lead form will show up first in the mobile view

  • Color: The next tab you will see is color. This is where you can choose a color scheme based on your brand or organizational theme.

    • Note: in the color section, you can enter the exact color code that your company uses so that you are able to coincide with the theme that your company uses.

  • Text: Your next tab is going to be text. This section allows you to edit what the actual text says in the main heading, subheading, body, offer, and submit button. You can also choose the style in which you would like your text to appear on your page. Here it will ask you to choose a style for your

  • Note: This will be the same for all users, you are not able to edit this text by user.

  • Media: This section allows you to update the background image of the page, the offer image above the lead form, and the footer image. Customers often put legally required icons in the footer. For example: an Equal Housing logo.

    • Note: Media does not include the producers profile picture, but it does allow you to enable it or disable it if you do not want the picture to show up.

  • Form: Here is where your potential customer who may want to sign up to work with your producer will come to fill out their information to get a callback from the producer.

    • You also have the capability here to edit the way in which your text appear. Example: First then last name or last name then first, etc.

    • You can add in as many fields as you would like here.

    • You can make these fields required for submission or switch the order of the fields.

      Note: The optimal amount of fields is less than 4. When there are too many fields to fill out, a lead is more likely to abandon the form.

  • Footer: Here, the name, address, phone, email, and website link will pull directly from the user profile that is uploaded. You can select which fields you'd like to be visible. You can also add additional fields in this section.

If legal requires a disclosure, make sure you have that handy along with any additional links needed.

  • Disclosure Text Source:

    • Users-if you have each producers' specific disclosure loaded to their profile in the tool, then you can click the Users check box and each page will populate that user's disclosure automatically

    • Account- if all producers use the same disclosure all the time, add the disclosure to the account settings and then click the checkbox for Account disclosure.

If you have a different disclosure for each campaign, select custom and add it in when building the page.

  • Tracking- the fb pixel shown below, helps you track conversations from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads and re-market to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.

  • Note: You are also able to add in your Google Analytics ID here if you have one

  • Distribution- In this section you can add email addresses for people that you'd like to receive leads from. The email added to the user profile will automatically get the lead when the form is submitted, so you do not need to add it again to the CC or BCC fields.

Step 3: Thank You Section

Don't forget to update your Thank you page!

  • Under the offer tab, if you have a download you can indicate that here.

  • If you don't have a download, you can direct them to a URL or give them no action at all! It really all depends on your campaign.

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