Setting up your Facebook Business page is a key component when getting started in the Denim Social Platform. Below is a helpful table showing you the pro's and con's when it comes to the set up process either on behalf of the user or the set up by the user themself.

Creating User Facebook Pages for the user

Pro - Control when they get done/that they get done

Con - Time consuming to create pages for multiple users

Pro - Can control access for all of them - make yourself the admin and control user privileges

Con - Doesn’t empower user to drive their own business social strategy

Pro - Done Compliantly (MLS # for example)

Con - Parent account will get notifications for all accounts nested under it

Pro - You’ll have to credentials when a refresh is needed

Con - Relies on user to refresh access token

Pro - If user were to leave, you still have access to their profile and its data

Con - Facebook will sometimes suspend an account (parent) when you are creating multiple pages at once

Users Creating Their Own Pages

Pro - Can be more efficient than Marketing creating multiple pages

Con - Not motivated to create page, will do it on their own timeline

Pro - Less likely to get flagged by FB

Con - page may not be compliant

Pro - Users tend to feel more empowered to drive their social media

Con - If they leave the company, they can take page and data to new company

Pro - If/when connecting Instagram business page, easier to manage

Con - Relies on user to refresh access token

Pro - Can still grant admin access in the Facebook page roles to marketing team for their business page

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