Whether you are currently using paid advertising or considering using paid advertising in the future, it can be a bit intimidating. The Denim Social Platform makes paid advertising easy! Check out the recorded webinar Here on how paid advertising can ramp up your social selling.

Advertising is the next step in climbing the social selling ladder. Publishing is a great foundation and starting place when it comes to social, but with advertising you can take it a step further. Today's social media world is competitive and organic content can only take you so far! You may be asking yourself, where does paid advertising fit in?

Below is what we like to call Full Funnel Marketing. This is a great strategy when it comes to understanding and meeting your social selling goals.

Here's how it works:

  • Awareness- The visibility for your brand! This is how you get your message and content seen.

    • Note: If you are publishing, you have already made it through this first step.

  • Engagement-This is where you really shine by showing off your brand to your audience and building up that rapport with them!

    • Note: This is where advertising comes in!

  • Consideration: This is when your audience is starting to engage with your page!

    • Note: This is where leads are generated and they may be directed to your landing page.

  • Conversion: This is the last step. This is where the customer is ready to buy!

    • Note: This is where you can continue the converting process, now that you have the full interest and commitment of the customer!

      Key takeaways from the paid advertising webinar!

  • On average, organic post only reach about 2.2% of their audience.

  • 27% of internet users say that they find new products and brands through paid social ads.

  • Facebook ads reach 1.95 billion monthly users.

  • Facebook users click 12 ads in a 30 day period.

  • 27% Facebook pages worldwide use paid media.

  • Instagram is now the most popular social platform for following brands.

  • Instagram's 1.3 billion users average about 28min/day on the platform.

  • 87% of people claim that they followed, visited, a brand website or made an online purchase as a result of an Instagram ad.

Let's not forget about cost effectiveness!

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