With the analytics toll you can review detailed metrics for tagged posts across social channels and understand how visitors are engaging with your content. Below is a step by step approach to creating a tag:

How to create a Tag

Tags are available under the administration section. Users who have admin access can navigate to Tags at the bottom of the admin section.

Next, you are going to click on "Create Tag"

Here is where you will name your tag and assign the role in which you want to attach to the Tag.

Note: User roles are groups of users that will have access to these specific roles when created. This way there is no confusion on who/what is being tagged. For example, a role can be created so that a loan officer does not tag their own post using a brand tag.

By clicking on a Tag you can see which roles have been assigned to each Tag.

Note: You are also able to filter by role under the "Roles" section. You can filter by admin, advisor, LO, etc.

This allows you to update the name and roles of the Tag, by either removing roles or adding roles.

Under "All States" you can select whether or not you want to see all, archived, or active only tags.

Note: Archived tags are tags that are still available. Tags are never deleted.

Once your tag has been created, you can view it along with previous tags here:

The actions to the right of your screen allow you to archive, edit, or delete a Tag. The on and off toggle is where you will be able to archive your tag.

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