• Update: Ability to post 9 media files (but only 1 video at a time) to LinkedIn: Personal, Companies and Showcase pages

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  • Update: Adding @mentions is updated to ensure easy navigation to different Social Networks.

  • Update: Validations for media uploads have been updated to ensure successful publishing to respective Social Networks

  • Fix: Link Shortener will not shorten phone numbers and email addresses

  • Fix: Validations to ensure an Approval Group and Content Library folder are always set up set up before saving a post.

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Content Library

  • Update: UpContent Collections display hero images for each Collection

  • Update: Ability to delete an entire folder with posts.

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  • Fix: All posts are displayed in a Content Library Folder

  • Fix: The text in a Content Library post card would sometimes overflow beyond the parameters of the card if the post had a long URL in it. This has been fixed.


  • Fix: Feeds display all the posts and activity fetched from the Social network.


  • Update: Ability to Add/Edit Alt Text to media files

  • Update: Media uploading process has a pop screen to inform users of media upload progress.


  • Fix: Summary reports are delivered at the set time.

  • Fix: Social Media Post Report displays all the images associated with the archived posts.

Login Screen:

  • Update: Reset Password UI has been updated.

  • Fix: Displays the Passwords rules for user changing their password

  • • Be a minimum of 6 characters

  • • Include At least one non-alphanumeric (show tool tip when hovering over - see mock) character

  • • Include At least one number

  • • Include At least one lowercase character

  • • Include At least one uppercase character

Analytics - Beta Launch

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