Are you seeing one of these icons when looking at your account page in Denim Social?

Or, are your posts failing, and come to find out your page has been unpublished?

There are a few things you can do to troubleshoot each;


An Inactive icon and mean a few different things, here are the most common reasons you could be getting the Inactive indication:

  1. The Facebook or Instagram page that you've connected is not a business page, or your Instagram page is not connected to your Facebook page

  2. Your page was removed from Denim Social and now it has been added back in. If you know this happened, reach out to our support team


This is an easy fix! Accounts will need to be refreshed occasionally, depending on the social network's requirements.

Simply click the "Refresh Access" button that looks like this:

You may need your social media network login credentials to complete the refresh.

Check out this article for more details on refreshing your account.


When there is an error on the account, this could mean a variety of things.

  • Check to see if your social media page has been unpublished - Facebook may unpublish your page for no apparent reason. Check out Meta's Help Center article to see how and learn how to work with Meta to fix it.

  • We recommend reaching out to our support team

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